Composers Wanted!!!

Music composer wanted

We are one of the most successful music selling platforms, and we want to announce that gifted music composers needed to join our team. We regularly replenish our library with high-quality music, and we want you to become part of the large and successful project. If you are an experienced composer or are just starting to develop as an author of music, but have talent and perseverance, then we will be glad to cooperate with you.

We know how difficult it is for novice composers to break in, and we provide them with a reliable and profitable platform to succeed in their work. You don"t need professional education or years of musical background to become one of the best music composers of our numerous team.

We guarantee timely payment for your work, and you are only required to create high-quality audio tracks and send them to us after mixing and mastering.

Our customers use the tracks of our site for different purposes:

There are compositions in different genres on this site, and you are free to choose the one that you like and become the best author of those who specializes in it. It is absolutely really worth to try and send us your composition.

Another weighty argument for cooperation is the type of license under which we sell music to our customers.

How to sell music online

Music is used everywhere, but when using third-party tracks, it is usually necessary to pay royalties for each usage (reproduction) of the composition. To avoid problems and penalties, most customers use old songs, while risking ratings. We provide content makers with the opportunity to use high-quality sound without extra costs.

This doesn’t mean that we offer you to write your compositions for free. No, we offer you to become a sought-after composer whose music people will actively buy and use, and you will also receive a deserved fee. This type of license just allows clients to pay for a track only once, and then use it endlessly and don’t pay crazy money for each song.

Today it is the best way to sell music online. Royalty free sales are beneficial to both consumers and sellers, as the music composition is actively used, and not gathering dust on the shelf. At the same time, the author receives fees, experience, and fame, and consumers receive a high-quality and affordable product.

Here you can find a list of the best authors who have already gained fame with the help of our site. Be sure, you can be one of them!

Royalty free music for commercial use

Why music without copyright is ideal for commercial use? Any music producer, video blogger, event organizer will confirm that finding the right music takes a lot of time. However, they all risk that the selected melody will be protected by copyright, and they will have to pay penalty per illegal usage.

With tracks without royalties, everything is transparent and simple – consumers order and buy the right composition, then download it and use as much as they need. And the advantage is that such tracks can be bought at an affordable price. All the works presented on our website were performed by professional composers, and we guarantee the high quality of the works represented on this stock.

Every day more and more authors conclude their contracts with us and become one step closer to their dream. We will be glad to see you in our friendly team of talented musicians!

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