What is mixing music

Most often, music compositions are created by combining several audio tracks, which contain different types of sound. For example, it may be the sound of singing along with the electronic sound and the overlay of the live instruments. Mixing is the process of those parts collecting. In addition, each of these tracks usually has different properties and they must be equalized and cleaned of extraneous noise. Mixing and mastering services can make of hodgepodge an excellent composition.

This is a real art to make disparate tracks sound perfect. Mixing engineers have an excellent sense of sound, they can hear nuances and merge different tracks in the best combination. Professional mixing is the knowledge of the specificities of tuning and combining sounds, as well as the correct processing sequence, in violation of which the track will never be perfect.

We offer 2 types of online mixing and mastering:

Online mixing studio

If you want to check the quality of our services, our audio mix studio will make a free trial processing in 3 days, and send you the result with a watermark. Thus, you will buy a final product. If you are satisfied with the result, our specialists will make the mixing of the entire album at the highest level.

The tracks you send must meet the following requirements:

How does it work?

After you’ll send us your compositions according to the requirements, we process it in a couple of days without pay and you’ll receive the mixed compositions with our watermark. If necessary, we will make corrections according to your comments and only then you will pay money per done work.

Professional engineers know the characteristics of mixing for each music style, and an individual approach will be applied to each audio. This is a really creative activity, and you can be sure that the tracks will not fit into one template for the sake of order fulfillment.


We offer affordable mixing and mastering prices, so many talented musicians for a small fee can make their audio tracks sound in the best way and bring them deserved cash reward.


Vocal + Band (Orchestra) or other instrument. Only 2 tracks



3 - 7 tracks



8 - 20 tracks



21 - 35 tracks



36 - 50 tracks



Title Genre Play
Track 1 Electronic
Track 2 Electronic
Track 3 Pop
Track 4 Pop
Track 5 Country
Track 6 Jazz
Track 7 Jazz
Track 8 Epic Cinematic
Track 9 Metal
Track 10 Metal
Track 11 African