Royalty free music welcomes you!

What does royalty free mean?

Music is the intellectual property of musicians who created it, and to use audio compositions legally you need to pay the royalty per every usage. We offer royalty free music for download, but it doesn’t mean these tracks are totally free to be used. You just need to pay for a song once when downloading and there are no other fees or royalties for the future use. This is the platform to unite musicians who make beautiful audio tracks and people who need qualitative sound for various purposes. All the audio provided on this site is the fruit of professional work of the several specialists. Sevenskiemusic is not just a music store; we improve the quality of starting material and help tracks to sound in the best way.

For what purposes do this audio used the most often?

The target audience for the tracks on this site is people and companies that want to pay for excellent royalty free music for commercial use as:

  • Background tracks;
  • Samples;
  • Songs;
  • Beats.

No film or advertisement is complete without musical accompaniment, and we put forward high demands on the library presented on this site, so that it sounds purely on any piece of equipment. Today, video has become the most popular type of content, so high-quality audio makes the video expressive and memorable. No need to hire composers, congenial composition you can find and download here, among thousands of great tracks.

Restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, shops, and many other public places need music for commercial use as a background sound. In such cases, the use of music with royalties will be very expensive, given that you have to pay every time a composition sounds.

One more target audience that buys the music of our site is other musicians, DJs who are looking for the staple to make their future hits. Only high-quality tracks are presented here, with excellent performance and clear sound.

With purchasing of royalty free audio, everyone wins: the composer receives payment per his work and retains the copyright, and the consumer receives high-quality tracks for a reasonable fee.

Royalty free music library

Sound makers are always welcomed to our online stock. Authors don’t receive music royalties but get a good payment for their work. All that they need to do is to send their samples and songs with required parameters to us. Or you can pre-order mastering  if not all requirements are met.

After expertise, we will make the contract, and nothing more is required of the author, he or she only needs to wait for the payments due. Thus, to sell the track, do the following:

  1. Make a good sound.
  2. Order the mastering service if required.
  3. Send it to us.
  4. Sign a contract.
  5. Get the inpayments.

Every author can see his/her track activity, watch how much they earned, and monitor their audios popularity.

All of our composers are talented masters of the sound, and you can be one of them! We strive to make good professional royalty free music easy to download and affordable to consumers, who are constrained by excessive pricing for its use.