About us

SevenSkiesMusic is your top royalty-free music service of choice. We bring musicians from all over the world together by posting their tracks in the public domain for everybody looking for authentic copyright-free works. We have the widest range of legal tracks, each unique composition created by professional musicians.

Who We Are

SevenSkiesMusic is an American project that promotes talented composers from all over the world, posting their tracks on the dedicated web platform. 

You can find royalty-free tracks of absolutely different genres on our website - from hip-hop to lounge compositions for use in commercial buildings. All pieces are completely authentic so you won’t have any copyright issues - use purchased music as you like. SevenSkiesMusic gives composers an excellent opportunity to promote their unique creations and earn bread without going too far.

If you are interested in buying high-quality music content created by true talents - for business or non-commercial use, or if you are a musician looking for a proven web platform to sell your own creations, SevenSkiesMusic is the perfect place for this!

Our Clients

Today, we can proudly mention a long history of partnerships with representatives across a wide range of niches, including some of the top names in the music and film industries.

Our global goal is to help talented composers from all over the world promote their work online, and for business owners to discover the possibility of acquiring affordable tracks without any copyright issues. Hundreds of satisfied customers and the constantly expanding catalog of music of different styles is great proof that we’re on the right path.

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