What Is Mastering

Online mastering is the preparation of a group of files for sale or delivery to a customer. After mastering, all the files in the collection are aligned in all the necessary parameters (noise, volume, equalization characteristics), so when someone listens to the entire album, but not separate positions, the listener has a feeling of the integrity of all the files, their harmonious sounding.

Track optimization is also done for the users’ convenience so that they don’t have to re-adjust the volume and equalizer while listening to each song. Master audio is balancing not only each particular file but it also masks the differences between tracks that were created in different studios and at different equipment, so that all tracks sound the same.

We offer the following services:

Our engineers use the best equipment and software that allows them to create truly high-quality audio.

Online mastering services

To do the mastering in our studio, you only need to send us your composition by email via wetransfer.com (notice “Mastering”). We will do master audio necessary within 2-3 days. Then we will send you the result with a watermark, and so you can estimate our work. If you have something to fix, we’ll correct it properly. You will receive your tracks as soon as we get paid for your work.

The tracks you send must meet the following requirements:

  • Loudness must be around -5dB;
  • Depth: 24bit or 32bit;
  • Resolution: 44100Hz;
  • Format: AIFF or WAV; but not WAV, which remade from mp3;
  • No effects on the master bus;
  • All your tracks should be properly mixed;
  • Send us maximum three reference tracks;
  • All audios must have correct names. For example, Adam Smith – the Song (original mix).wav;
  • Send us your mp3 version.


No one will buy even a good track at a high price in the case it’s not optimized and is not processed efficiently, since they can’t use such a track without processing. We suggest you optimize your entire collection for a small fee. We offer favorable terms of cooperation: the more tracks you send us, the less you pay for each of them.

1 song


($10 for song)

2 songs


($9 for each song)

3 songs


($8 for each song)

4 songs


($7 for each song)

5 songs


($6 for each song)

6 songs


($5 for each song)

7 songs


($4 for each song)

Album Mastering


8 songs and more ($3 for each song)