Glyn Rouse - Valley of the Witch King



Author:Glyn Rouse
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Genres:Chamber, Cinematic, Classical, Crime Drama, Documentary, Downtempo, Drama, Film Score, Horror, Orchestra, Reality TV, Score, Soundscape, Trailer, Whimsical, Film
Moods:Action, Adventure, Aliens, Ambient, Cinematic, Crazy, Dark, Dramatic, Dynamic, Emotional, Evil, Evocative, Film Score, Ghosts, Hark The Herald, Haunting, Heroic, Horror, Industrial, Magical, Monsters, Moody, Mysterious, Piercing, Quirky, Ramp, Rumble, Scrape, Slashes, Somber, Strange, Suspense, Swirling, Tension, Whale, Whimsical

Valley of the Witch King