Ilya Truhanov - Dance Of Emu



Author:Ilya Truhanov
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Genres:Acoustic, Americana, Bluegrass, Caribbean, Comedy, Country, Desperate Housewives, Funk, Fusion, Holiday Music, Hybrid, Jazz Fusion, Reality TV, TV Cue, Western, Wedding
Moods:80's, Adventure, Brilliant, Circus, Comedy, Cool, Corporate, Delicate, Desprate Housewives, Dreamy, Driving, Emotional, Fashion, Investigative, Lively, Majestic, Naïve, Party, Party Vibe, Passionate, Pink Panther, Playful, Positive, Pulse, Quirky, Relaxed, Retro, Reverse, Romantic Comedy, Scrape, Sexy, Slashes, Swirling, Vacation, Wedding, Youthful

Dance Of Emu