Royalty Free Epic Music

A Dramatic TwistNC MUSIC$9.00
Plays: 84 / 8
Downloads: 0 / 0
A Heros ChaseLou Yoelin$8.00
Plays: 42 / 6
Downloads: 0 / 0
A Truely Powerful ForceNC MUSIC$12.00
Plays: 78 / 12
Downloads: 0 / 0
Above the CloudsDavid Hollandsworth$8.00
Plays: 60 / 5
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Adventure StoryM.Robkanov & Logan Epic Canto$7.00
Plays: 45 / 2
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American FlagAlex Khaskin$15.00
Plays: 18 / 1
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An Angels PrayerGregory Bakay$10.00
Plays: 29 / 6
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AnduinGlyn Rouse$10.00
Plays: 87 / 9
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Aslan Is On The MoveDavid Hollandsworth$8.00
Plays: 73 / 6
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Battle For GoodLesyanZ$10.00
Plays: 5 / 0
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Battleship ReturnNC MUSIC$10.00
Plays: 11 / 0
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Becoming An AngelNC MUSIC$12.00
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Beneath The FlagGlyn Rouse$10.00
Plays: 33 / 6
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BesiegedGlyn Rouse$10.00
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Big Deep Blue OceanAlex Khaskin$15.00
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Big Epic Hollywood score 2Alex Khaskin$15.00
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Bridge To ForeverGregory Bakay$10.00
Plays: 18 / 4
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By My Side ForeverRussell Bell$8.00
Plays: 20 / 3
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Circle Of RageGregory Bakay$10.00
Plays: 17 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0
Classical TensionNC MUSIC$14.00
Plays: 12 / 2
Downloads: 0 / 0

If most of us were asked to envision a scene of a mythical ancient battle or an extraordinary plight of a fantasy hero it would almost certainly be accompanied by an epic tune playing in our heads. Epic music, once popularly known as trailer music and associated primarily with movie soundtracks, has seen a rise in popularity in recent decades, partially fuelled by the growth of the gaming industry. Epic music today has evolved into an independent musical style that has even attracted a considerable following among the general audience, with some record labels and music producers now specializing exclusively in producing scores of composers working in this genre.

Where to use commercial epic music royalty

Besides movie trailers that it is primarily associated with it, royalty free epic music can be used in

  • content aimed at YouTube and Vimeo

  • ads and promotional videos

  • radio shows

  • films and television series

  • computer games

  • theatre plays

  • live events (sports, ceremonies etc.)

History and origins of epic music

While epic music often incorporates a wide variety of musical genres, this style of music is usually classical in its presentation as epic music largely draws on the heritage of classical composers, like Sibelius, Grieg or Shostakovich. Accordingly, melodic lines and harmonizations that are typical for this style are, to a large degree, derived from symphonies, operas and other classical pieces.

What makes music "epic"?

Its sound evokes themes of grandeur and heroism. It can be adventurous, dramatic, mysterious or majestic. There are several features typical for epic music:

  • recognizable "epic" harmony changes

  • dramatic, powerful, uplifting tone and timbre

  • predominant use of strings and horn sections

  • emphasis on higher and lower registers

  • periodic climaxes to highlight moments of tension and relief

Royalty free epic music search download

Naturally, producing a dedicated recording of an orchestra, with subsequent mixing and mastering of audio material, is far beyond reasonable in the vast majority of cases. Using a random epic music track found online, on the other hand, can have negative consequences, such as account suspension or even legal action by the rights owners. Also, finding royalty free epic background music non copyright could be harder than one might imagine since all movie and game soundtracks are copyrighted by major studios.

The obvious alternative is our library of royalty free epic music and song for commercial use by established authors. We offer a simple search tool so you can easily select different moods, tempo and instrumentation that best suits your project. You may preview unlimited number of tracks and only pay for the full high-quality version of epic music songs and loops you want to download. The track you buy is safe to use anywhere, online or offline, for any purpose. All our material is free for commercial use.