If you are writing your own royalty free techno music or if you are a DJ, performing at outdoor events is not the only way to make money. But if you are a composer or musician who no longer hopes to tour, hearing the applause after your concert and playing in front of a crowd of thousands, there is no need to give up. Depression is not an option! A more viable option is creating a good studio at home and starting to write songs.

But first, it would be better to concentrate your efforts on studying music theory and music programs. Only after you have learned this well can you start writing your royalty free techno music. You can advertise yourself on social networks and earn a living without having to leave home, as long as your tracks are of high quality. You can write a lot of electronic records, but quantity does not matter as much as quality.

When you have created a wide ranging portfolio of tracks in various genres, try sending your work to a music library that has a royalty free policy. In recent years, such sites have become more picky and are constantly on the lookout for better quality music. If you are knocked back, don't get disheartened and don’t take it personally. Having a 100-track portfolio means you can, at least, contact the music library’s administrator and send your stuff for them to review. There is a possibility that someone will find you on these sites, maybe even producers, and will recognize your talents.

Try to experiment and start writing songs in other styles, even if it is hard to do, and expand your knowledge of music theory by writing pop or jazz, although the jazz style requires a great knowledge of music. The more musical styles you can write, the better chances you will have to earn more money via the royalty free techno music you make. In fact, you might start getting a good monthly income if your tracks are approved by the administrators. Each track can be sold an unlimited number of times. If these tracks are sent to many of the different sites, and these sites see the potential benefits of working with you, it will undoubtedly raise your professional profile. One track that is successful has the potential to make more money than a dozen ordinary ones.

Remain talented, be persistent! And remember one good rule of thumb: fortune smiles only on the persistent. Mixing and mastering are also possible ways of earning a living through taking orders over the internet. Are you interested in live shows? Live performances is also an area many choose to work in. We wish you all the best for your future musical endeavors!!!

February 22, 2021