Mixing Audio

Mixing audio is the most important phase of any music production. During this process the formation of final individual recording tracks has to be made. This process is probably one of the most important steps in the creation of soundtracks, and it does not depend on the style and genre of the item. Music mixing calls for musicians to be more creative and critical, because the quality should meet the criteria of sophisticated listeners. When it comes to studio work you should know that the mixing services are not only a technical process of combining tracks recorded together. It includes:

  1. General volume balance of each track in the song.
  2. Panorama where each instrument has its own location in the left & right channels (or between them) to make and an appropriate acoustic environment and space. This is a stereo image and it’s like a picture, but in terms of music.
  3. Transparency, which involves mixing tracks, when each instrument in the recording must be easy to read, not muffling other instruments at the same time.
  4. It should be mentioned the density of the sound and its richness and saturation. If it’s done properly your music becomes more powerful.


Class Tracks description Price Actions
Simple Vocal + Band (Orchestra) or other instrument. Only 2 tracks $5
Light 3 - 7 tracks $20
Standart 8 - 20 tracks $40
Expert 21 - 35 tracks $60
Professional 36 - 50 tracks $80



The way of collaboration is very simple. You send your music to our email (with notice "Mixing a Song") via wetransfer.com

We can do what you need within 2-3 days for free. Hence, you receive the result of our work with a watermark. If there is any inconvenience, we can discuss the issues raised and improve it your requirements. When you are happy with the final outcome, you will receive the work once we receive full payment.

Please, send your music for mixing following these instructions:

There is no need to worry about the quality of our work. You do not need to pay until you are pleased with the results of your music mixing. First, you receive the result with our watermark and if there is something to fix or change not a big deal. You can get mixing online at very affordable prices and our team of professional sound engineers will do their best and your item will be ready within 2 days. That is not bad at all? Yeah! In theory this task can be done even within one day, if it is really urgent, but we don`t suggest that you be in a hurry. Most of the work, as a rule, must be done in the first day, but to have the best final result you should listen to tracks very carefully and in the second day you can add or fix something in the small quantity and it is like plastic surgery, but only in terms of music. Mixing online we got lots of music of different styles and genres and we know each of them needs to be mixed according to the rules and regulations of this particular genre and style from the kick drum till the vocal. And the mood and specification of the instruments are extremely important. If you want to order Album Mixing - we need more information from you, but this is a solvable issue.


Title Genre Play
Track 1 Electronic
Track 2 Electronic
Track 3 Pop
Track 4 Pop
Track 5 Country
Track 6 Jazz
Track 7 Jazz
Track 8 Epic Cinematic
Track 9 Metal
Track 10 Metal
Track 11 African