Where to get royalty free Pop music?

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17 Hours (I'm coming home) (feat. Julia Dowler)$10.00
Plays: 139 / 4
Downloads: 0 / 0
A Long Summer_Loop1$2.00
Plays: 70 / 8
Downloads: 0 / 0
A Long Summer_Loop2$2.00
Plays: 30 / 5
Downloads: 0 / 0
A Way to Inspire$15.00
Plays: 37 / 3
Downloads: 0 / 0
Above the Clouds$8.00
Plays: 55 / 4
Downloads: 0 / 0
Acoustic Love Lore 30sec$3.00
Plays: 14 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Acoustic Summertime 60 sec$5.00
Plays: 6 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
After The Rain$8.00
Plays: 44 / 4
Downloads: 0 / 0
Aim For The Top$12.00
Plays: 12 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0
Air Acoustic Loop$2.00
Plays: 47 / 5
Downloads: 0 / 0
Plays: 29 / 6
Downloads: 0 / 0
Centre Mall commercial$15.00
Plays: 0 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Cheer Up$15.00
Plays: 9 / 3
Downloads: 0 / 0
Cheerful Promo 2$5.00
Plays: 3 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Come What May$8.00
Plays: 13 / 2
Downloads: 0 / 0
Como El Agua3$10.00
Plays: 5 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0
Country Roots$12.00
Plays: 5 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Plays: 10 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Days of Hope$12.00
Plays: 13 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Dreaming Through the Night$4.00
Plays: 2 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0

It wouldn"t be an exaggeration to say that today popular music is part of everyone"s life. We hear it on the radio, television and online. It is featured in movies and advertisements. It is literally a part of our lives, whether we want it or not.

The origins of "pop”

It is generally assumed that contemporary pop music originated with rock"n"roll of the 50s and 60s. Propelled to new heights by emerging TV shows, such as "Top of the Pops", it eventually split into a number of different styles and genres.

What makes the music "pop"?

Although pop music is evolving by the day, there are several features that distinguish it from other styles, besides its profitability:

  • aim at the widest audience possible
  • emphasis on refined studio recordings rather than live performances
  • recurring chorus-refrain cycles
  • clear and easily recognizable harmonies
  • simple lyrics dealing with common subjects, such as love

Having initially branched out from rock music in the early years of its existence, pop music continues to evolve, constantly incorporating new styles and instruments.

Where to use a pop track?

The style of pop music is constantly changing to reflect new trends. That"s why nothing conveys the sound of a particular era better than a relevant pop track. This makes pop music a key ingredient in video production or advertising, to name a few examples.

Royalty free pop music search

Finding the right pop track for your project can pose a greater challenge than you might expect. With their authors being signed by major labels, the copyright for these tracks is rigorously guarded. You can be almost sure that using a popular audio track will automatically lead to content demonetization if posted online.

Your best choice is to use non-copyrighted tracks. We offer a large selection of royalty free pop music. Each song in our library is both original and license-free, authored by an established composer. Each one is also handpicked and vetted by our staff to ensure that our customers are only offered industry-grade professional content. It is free for commercial use no matter the context. There is also no need to pay or even register in order to preview the songs in our library. Only when you have made your choice do can you download the high-quality master of the track. You only need to buy it once; from then on, the song is yours to use forever, any number of times and in any setting.