Royalty Free Patriotic Music

1945Alex Khaskin$15.00
Plays: 154 / 17
Downloads: 0 / 0
A Heros CallLou Yoelin$5.00
Plays: 25 / 3
Downloads: 0 / 0
A Heros ChaseLou Yoelin$8.00
Plays: 42 / 6
Downloads: 0 / 0
A New BeginningLogan Epic Canto$7.00
Plays: 35 / 9
Downloads: 0 / 0
Above the CloudsDavid Hollandsworth$8.00
Plays: 60 / 5
Downloads: 0 / 0
Absolution_Loop2Michael Adels$2.00
Plays: 17 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0
Adventure StoryM.Robkanov & Logan Epic Canto$7.00
Plays: 45 / 2
Downloads: 0 / 0
Aslan Is On The MoveDavid Hollandsworth$8.00
Plays: 73 / 6
Downloads: 0 / 0
AttackAlex Khaskin$15.00
Plays: 12 / 3
Downloads: 0 / 0
Awaiting The FateNC MUSIC$12.00
Plays: 20 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Battleship ReturnNC MUSIC$10.00
Plays: 11 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Beneath The FlagGlyn Rouse$10.00
Plays: 33 / 6
Downloads: 0 / 0
BesiegedGlyn Rouse$10.00
Plays: 32 / 4
Downloads: 0 / 0
Black HawkAlex Khaskin$15.00
Plays: 1 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Bridge To ForeverGregory Bakay$10.00
Plays: 18 / 4
Downloads: 0 / 0
Celtic heroic themeAlex Khaskin$15.00
Plays: 4 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Chosen OneAlex Khaskin$15.00
Plays: 3 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Collapsing TimeGregory Bakay$10.00
Plays: 19 / 2
Downloads: 0 / 0
Corporate SoldiersDarikus Whalen$8.00
Plays: 8 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0
D DayAlex Khaskin$15.00
Plays: 4 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0

We are the World: Royalty Free Patriotic Music


The manifestation of patriotism in music is quite rare and worthy of praise. Thematic inscriptions or images on T-shirts, flags on the balconies of houses, communities of fans of political idols are familiar to us, but all this is limited by the duration of a person's life. Patriotic sound effects, on the other hand, remain forever in the music archives and in the hearts of people. Unlike all other genres of music, this one can become a powerful support in times of crisis, uniting people, what makes them stronger.

Patriotic music is not necessarily a roar of fanfare: very often it sounds like a subtle call of the motherland or the sonorous lyrics of its heroic memories. Our royalty-free patriotic music platform provides an opportunity to express their patriotic feelings to authors and enjoy it or use it in their works for customers.

Types of Patriotic Music

In fact, patriotic songs are not only the anthem of the state or the background of political campaigns. These are odes to heroes, modern and gone into history, gratitude to compatriots, an expression of love for culture and traditions, a message to children about their ancestors-patriots and much more.

Every country and even region, has its own patriotic melodies and songs. For example, American patriotic, Indian patriotic. They are composed regularly and transmitted instantly by word of mouth. With developing of the library of non-copyrighted patriotic music, every melody has become the world heritage. It expanded the boundaries for the spread of art in many regions of the globe and led to its recognition, which entailed the development of global intercultural communication.

Patriotic music for free use from SevenSkiesMusic is presented in various types and categories, which includes loops and samples related with periods from ancient times to our days.

When to use royalty free patriotic music?

Royalty-free patriotic songs can be widely used in cinema. Any scenario related to historical events, documentaries and biographical films, as well as patriotic fantasy, romance and art house will be an excellent basis for this audio genre.

Patriot soundtrack also fits for YouTube video backgrounds, as well as social media Reels and Stories.

Why Royalty Free Patriotic Music?

Free patriotic music downloads legally allows you to become a part of the history of your country. With it in your creative arsenal, you’ll can to gain new lens for the new view to the true patriotism and contribute to the annals of your motherland. With patriotic music, no copyright, you build your own history with all rights to do it in a way you wish.