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XL-SoulHello people! You are on free stock audio site. Track’s name XL-Soul. Mixing Vladimir Zinkovsky. Genres are 50s, 60s, Acid Jazz, Ad Music, Ballad, Cinematic, Comedy, Downtempo, Easy Listening, Jazz, Lounge, Retro, Smooth Jazz, Whimsical, Wedding. Moods are 60s, Calm, Corporate, Delicate, Desprate Housewives, Dreamy, Elegant, Evocative, Family, Fantasy, Fun, Jazzy, Majestic, Mellow, Mysterious, Naïve, Party, Party Vibe, Peaceful, Positive, Quiet, Relaxed, Relaxing, Romantic, Sensual, Sexy, Slow, Smooth, Sweet, Swell, Vacation, Wedding. All the best!$20.99
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ZzizzlWelcome! You can choose stock music for your needs. We offer the track Zzizzl. This track was uploaded to our site by Olivier Girardot. The genre of this track is Caribbean, Jazz. And it meets your criteria in terms of mood Kalimba, Majestic. Just buy it and enjoy!$7.99
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