Royalty free Film music

A Truely Powerful ForceNC MUSIC$12.00
Plays: 82 / 4
Downloads: 0 / 0
AnduinGlyn Rouse$10.00
Plays: 88 / 6
Downloads: 0 / 0
Aslan Is On The MoveDavid Hollandsworth$8.00
Plays: 74 / 5
Downloads: 0 / 0
Becoming An AngelNC MUSIC$12.00
Plays: 14 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0
Begin the JourneyNazar Rybak$10.00
Plays: 6 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Black HoleDavid Hollandsworth$8.00
Plays: 32 / 7
Downloads: 0 / 0
Break In CommsRussell Bell$8.00
Plays: 16 / 2
Downloads: 0 / 0
By My Side ForeverRussell Bell$8.00
Plays: 20 / 3
Downloads: 0 / 0
Car ChaseAlex Khaskin$15.00
Plays: 3 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Circle Of RageGregory Bakay$10.00
Plays: 17 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0
Classical TensionNC MUSIC$14.00
Plays: 12 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0
Close To The MarkRussell Bell$8.00
Plays: 12 / 3
Downloads: 0 / 0
Collapsing TimeGregory Bakay$10.00
Plays: 19 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
CommunionDavid Hollandsworth$8.00
Plays: 16 / 0
Downloads: 0 / 0
Conquest of SpaceDarikus Whalen$8.00
Plays: 18 / 2
Downloads: 0 / 0
Corporate SoldiersDarikus Whalen$8.00
Plays: 8 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0
Country LifeIlya Truhanov$8.00
Plays: 31 / 3
Downloads: 0 / 0
Cowboy JunkiesIlya Truhanov$8.00
Plays: 25 / 3
Downloads: 0 / 0
Creeping Me OutNC MUSIC$12.00
Plays: 7 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0
Crescendo-Stingout-08David Hollandsworth$2.00
Plays: 13 / 1
Downloads: 0 / 0

Where to buy royalty free music for film

No film can be produced without music, and the better the sound is chosen, the better the director will be able to convey the atmosphere and mood of the film. And for such purposes, only professional and high-quality compositions are selected. Movies are very expensive and responsible production, and bad sound will spoil the work of many people during numerous months.

Therefore, we carefully select the best of our authors to present music to play it in movies. Every day hundreds of audio tracks are uploaded to us, but only a few of them pass the quality check and can be presented as royalty free music for movies.

Our composers have experience in writing tracks of such specificity, and when choosing tracks in our library you can be sure that you get excellent quality sound at an affordable price.

Tracks that are presented on our website are also used for such purposes:

  • background music
  • royalty free samples
  • royalty free songs
  • beats

You can play any of the tracks online to see if you like it and if it suits you.

If you have ever tried to find good sound for film, then you might face a quality problem. Such music is often played on deep bass equipment, and thus it requires exceptional clarity and quality of the sound.

Another problem of using sound for business, including the movie one, is the high cost of tracks playing. Most high-quality melodies are copyrighted. That means you have to pay to exploit such music, per each repeat. Fortunately, here is the largest collection of high-quality film music, which you can purchase under a special license without royalties. You’ll get them not for free, but at face value. All of these tracks are inexpensive and at the same time they have the appropriate quality to play on the best equipment.

Royalty free music search

Use the convenient filters to quickly find the direction and style you are interested in. Download and buy the best royalty free music for film on our website. Any of them is ideal for commercial use, including for the film, because you only need to pay a fee once and not pay for the musical accompaniment at each film screening. We made sure that you get the best quality at an affordable price.