No service is developing at such a rapid pace as YouTube. Every day there are hundreds of new channels that blog everyone: from schoolchildren to the elderly, from beginners to successful businessmen. And it’s not surprising, because various gadgets allow you to watch videos anywhere, even at home on the couch, or in the subway car. The topics of the videos are very different, but their authors are united by the need to search for the right music to use as the video background.

In order to find a suitable music, youtubers have to spend a lot of time, because quality audio tracks are often protected by copyright, which means that each time a video is viewed its author must pay the composer a large amount of royalties. That is, the more popular the blog, the more you need to pay.

Those bloggers who try to use music without permission will definitely fail, because for many years special programs have been analyzing all YouTube content and easily find those whose videos are accompanied by pirated audio. As a result, such videos will be blocked or completely removed from the servers of the site.

There is an excellent way out of such a difficult situation. Copyright free music for YouTube.

We sell music that is protected by a special license. This license allows you to use music by paying for it only once, at the time of purchase. That is, customers pay once and use the sound endlessly. It’s much more profitable, isn’t it? It’s a simple, honest and profitable option for all participants in the process - both for composers and for bloggers.

What music can I use on youtube

Blogs can be under the different subjects, but we are sure that everyone will find here a melody he needs. We made sure that you could easily choose the right music, thus we sorted tracks by different genres. In the “Search Music” menu, you can choose the one you want.

The largest collection of stock music is presented on this site. And here you can find audio of various genres:

  • metal;
  • sound for movies: trailers, western, epic;
  • Christmas songs;
  • jazz, classical music, ballads;
  • tracks for various purposes: patriotic, military, corporate.

Inside each section, a convenient filter by moods and instruments has been implemented. As you can see, you can find the right track without any effort!

You can also play each of the tracks in the list and even download them. But we care about the rights of composers, so all tracks are watermarked. After payment, you receive audio of the best quality and without a watermark, so it can be used on any devices with the highest sound quality requirements.

Royalty free music for commercial use

Royalty free music is the best solution for business use. If your blog has already become popular and generates income, then you will very quickly see the benefits of buying tracks with this type of license. You buy a track once and can use it many times in different videos, and you won’t need to pay extra for it. It’s much more profitable than buying YouTube copyright music.

Here is the largest library of professional music at affordable prices, and we sure you will find here a suitable track. All you need is to find the desired track, then order it and pay. It’s very simple, and you can buy songs in 1 minute.

But the choice of a track can take much more time because we replenish our stock collection daily. Now there are already thousands of songs in it and there will be even more. We hope you appreciate our efforts and will gladly buy music here.


February 22, 2021