Vocal pitch correction is a very indispensable element of the sound engineering. Leading vocals have always been and will be the most important component in any song and is the component that determines the nature and style of the song. That's why vocals have to be perfect. The mixing engineer should pay a lot of time to vocal processing to sound perfectly even in solo because the rest of the arrangement has only to strengthen this positive impression.

Although the mixing engineer starts his process from the drums and bass, method in which at the beginning of work is being done on the vocals, and after over everything else, has its advantages too. So to speak, all mixing is built around the lead vocal track as the main element.

Well recorded vocals are a guarantee of a successful and high-quality sound. Many things depend on the microphone too. The effect of the proximity of the vocalist to the mic plays an important role in the recording quality and in the level of low mid frequencies in the vocal.

When less errors occur in the vocals during the recording, it will then be easier mixing engineer to handle and put it into the arrangement, making it legible and clear and at the same time not jumping out of the arrangement. In this case, the sound will be uniform and harmonious and vocal pitch correction can be used in very small quantity.

The vocal plugins chain is: EQ, compression, tube saturation, de-essing, delay and reverb. Initially, it is necessary to ensure that the vocals sound pure and without false notes. It has recently become possible due to the special programs which deals with the pitch correction. Not only does pitch correction need to be done properly, but the rhythmic correction must also be done too. Сonsonants are very important when it comes to speech intelligibility. We will do our best to have your leading vocals sounding great and your backing vocals sounding like a monolithic chorus, pure and powerful and conveying all the nuances of the music.

You can listen and compare the results of our remote services below.

February 22, 2021