Our Authors

We really love and respect our authors because the composer's job is very tough and complicated. Unfortunately composers are not paid well and we want to change that. We love music and appreciate the high quality and creativity that goes into making music. If you are a gifted musician and you have dreams to be rich and famous, the sad reality is that only a few people can achieve such success.

The life of the composers is unusual, especially when compared with the lives of most men and women, and just like athletes who dedicated their lives to their sports, composers are also persistent and dedicated to their music. This is why composers should be honored and paid properly! They are hardworking individuals who are talented and dedicate their lives to making great music!

Who are the authors of sevenskiemusic

Each author who was chosen by us as a contributor is talented and unique. All of his/her tracks are interesting and will satisfy even the most highly regarded of music editors, music supervisors, producers and advertising makers. Most of our contributors created their music at home studios and mixing and mastering were done by them as well. So listening to the music of our authors, you gain the appreciation of the authentic work created by musicians who participate in our music library and as well as appreciate the fact that these music tracks are royalty free.

Cooperation advantages with sevenskiemusic authors

Some of our authors make 2-3 versions of the same track, changing the quantity of the instruments and the time of the items. But if you, the listener, have any concerns or want corrections and amendments to be made to already existing items, please let us know. We can then get in touch with the composer and ask him/her to make changes to the music to ensure that you are fully satisfied!

All our authors at your disposal now. Choose the most suitable music for your needs!