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We know how difficult it is to be a composer in the modern world when the tools music writing is available even to schoolchildren and the quality of such compositions leaves much to be desired. Nevertheless, we are confident that the real talent can become famous, we just need to give him or her the opportunity to open up.

This page presents our most popular authors who are already successful in their profession and we are proud to have helped them become who they wanted to be. Before participating in our project, many of them were unknown novice composers and wrote songs just for themselves. We’re glad that they decided to take a risk and put their compositions into our library, because now we can enjoy their work, and the authors receive a worthy reward per their talent.

We sell royalty free music, and this niche in the music industry has proven to be very profitable. Because of the protection of copyrights, many audio tracks are very unprofitable to use, because per each reproduction of music that is under copyright, customers must pay the so-called royalty to the author of the audio track. And the more often the track is repeated, the more you have to pay.

Therefore, many even very talented composers may for years not be in demand in commercial projects, since the use of their compositions will be very expensive for the consumer. Thence, we offer the third, most profitable variant for all parties.

Thus, the purchase of any track on this site is very profitable for commercial use. If you’re the cafe or restaurant owner, a music producer, or you write music yourself on the basis of other compositions, it’s much more beneficial to you to pay once for the sound and use it endlessly.

For the musicians, it’s beneficial that their works are used, they get paid per it, and they become famous when consumers like their work.

How to buy music online

It becomes easier to buy music, because you don’t need to go shopping, but you can just listen and choose the right audio on our website. We carefully monitor whether the rights of the authors are respected, therefore all tracks are protected by a watermark. You can listen to them, download, but can’t use without payment. These are the conditions for buying music with a royalty free license.

Royalty free music buyers usually apply it as:

  • background sound for cafes, bars, parties, special occasions;
  • as a background for video and cinema;
  • as a basis for creating new compositions;
  • background for a video blog.

The last of these reasons of buying is becoming very popular, because the number of youtubers is growing, and the video issues out very often. Using music with copyright, bloggers have to pay composers for each view of such a video. Therefore, the play of royalty free music is often used for video blog authors purposes.

Royalty free music for commercial use

The easiest way to buy the desired track is to order it on our website. Thousands of songs in various genres are available for you, and a convenient search allows you to quickly find the right direction. Electronic music, jazz, western, military, classical music - all this and much more you can buy without interrupting your work.

Here is the largest collection of stock music at prices that are available to everyone - both for the beginning author and for business owners. Use our professional audio library to implement any business idea at an affordable price!