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Author name:Paul Dubrovsky/Freddy Newton
Author tracks:1
Author plays:16
Author track sales:0
Authors Favorite Instruments:Tamborine / Snare / Drums / Bass / Vox / Strings / Male Vocal / Claps / Band Vocal / Violin / Snare Drum / Female Vocal / Beat / Acoustic Guitar
Authors Favorite Genres:Western / Easy Listening / Bluegrass / Melodic / Country / Americana / Gospel / Comedy / 80s
You Make me Stronger_Voice OnHello there! Buy music and be happy :-) This item named You Make me Stronger_Voice On. Music mastering by Paul Dubrovsky/Freddy Newton. Genre is 80s, Americana, Bluegrass, Comedy, Country, Easy Listening, Gospel, Melodic, Western. And the mood is 80's, Bouncy, Cheerful, Cool, Dreamy, Driving, Elegant, Emotional, Festive, Happy, Inspiring, Lively, Party, Party Vibe, Passionate, Playful, Positive, Romantic Comedy, Seductive, Sexy, Up Beat, Uplifting. We hope it will be suitable for you!$15.99
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